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Hello! I’m Kristen, I love pretty things, warm colours, a splash of red, puffy clouds, perfectly aligned text and elegant ampersands. I have a cat called Mossy, she’s excessively cuddly and kinda needy. On the average weekend when I’m not at a wedding you’ll probably find me going on random food adventures with friends, photographing a live band, watching a derby bout, riding my super pretty new bike (lies, my bike and I are currently not speaking) or chilling on the couch with my cat watching any one of the dozen tv shows I’m currently addicted to. I have terrible handwriting but I’m typeractive – which means I give good email and am a little TOO chatty online! Oh, and I’m older than I look.

I’m originally from Brisbane but now live in Melbourne and love it so hard, although one day I’d love to live in New York City. I started off as a live music photographer, and still do it on a regular basis for fun. Name a band, I’ve probably photographed them! I’m also a digital designer and have worked in many of the major advertising agencies on big (and small!) name brands. I have a strong focus on same-sex/gay/lesbian/LGBTI commitment ceremonies, weddings, portraits, all the things. I’m also 1/3 the owner of F Yeah Gay Weddings, which is an awesome LGBTI weddings and lifestyle blog.

I’d love love love to travel to countries and states where gay marriage is legal and photograph all the wonderful weddings going on – New Zealand, New York City, Canada, France, all the places!

Oh and yes I do like foxes, people have started buying me a lot of fox related things (can’t think why!) so therefore I am starting to accumulate quite a collection. But please don’t ask me what the fox says because no.

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I’m a tad addicted to instagram and post rather a lot, some might say TOO much, some might also say I post too many cat photos, but really, isn’t that what instagram is for? I like photos and instagram makes me happy, enough said :)

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I like to pin all the things that I like – from wedding related goodies like flowers, decorations and photobooth backdrop ideas to designery stuff, typographical posters and tattoos.

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